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The 5th Annual Network Music Conference

The 5th Annual Network Music Conference (TNMC) will be taking place in beautiful downtown Orlando, FL at the Double Tree Hotel (60 S. Ivanhoe Blvd.) this Saturday, November 21st.  This unparalleled event was created to benefit and empower students, aspiring artists, creative minds, musicians as well as many small businesses throughout the Greater Orlando area without the traditional high cost of most conferences. This year we are honored to have Keith Clinkscales, CEO of Revolt Media & TV as the TNMC 2015 keynote speaker. There will be a panel of dynamic industry speakers, influencers and music executives. The speakers include:


  • KEVIN  “KC” COSSOM,  Multi-Platinum Song Writer & Artist
  • JULIA BEVERLY, Founder of Ozone Magazine and Author of Sweet Jones Pimp C Trill Life Story Autobiography
  • JEFF VILLANUEVA, 4 time Grammy award winning Recording/Mixing Engineer
  • ETHAN CURTIS, President of Plush Studios
  • DJ M SQUARED, First USA Red Bull Thre3style National Champion, Master Of The Mix Contestant, Kelly Roland Tour Dj, Dj’ed for Lebron James, The Grammies, Tommy Hilfiger,  and Universal NBC
  • BEN PARRIS, Artist/Producer/DJ at MASKARAID Productions, Plush Recording Studios, and Warner Atlantic, President of Plush Studios
  • ISRAEL VASQUETELLE (Moderator), Department Chairman for Entertainment Business & Music Business Bachelor of Science Programs at Full Sail University

If you are interested in the music industry and want to be a part of it then The Network Music Conference is the place for you to be this Saturday! Come and gain knowledge and experience networking, education panels, Q & A’s, showcases, DJ’s, beat battles, A&R’s, students, producers, artists, vendors, entrepreneurs, and special events! For more information please visit www.thenetworkmusicconference.com

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The Hit Makers...Who Are They?

E. May, BER Contributor

Within the music industry, who is really considered the hit maker? The artist, the songwriter, or the producer? Well consider all three to be contributors to making a hit song. The artist can’t sing the song without words and that’s where the songwriter comes in, the artist can’t sing the song without a producer, and the songwriter and producer can’t make the song without the artist singing it. They all have their roles to make a hit song come together.

Some noted hit maker collaborators include Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones (artist and producer)- Off The Wall and Bad, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, Eminem, 50 cent (producer and artists)- Doggystyle, The Slim Shady, Get Rich or Die Tryin’, The Dream and Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Beyonce (songwriter and artists)- “Baby”, “Umbrella”, Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” Diane Warren and Aerosmith, Celine Dion, Toni Braxton (songwriter and artists)- “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing”, “Because You Loved Me”, “Un-Break My Heart”.

Everyone contributes in their own way to make a hit song; it just doesn’t happen with one person. The artist, songwriter, and producer can spend countless hours on one song just to make sure it’s a hit or until it’s what the artist or record label wants. So the next time you’re listening to a hit song consider the amount of effort and time it took to be a hit song. 

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"Drink You Away" Justin Timberlake & Chris Stapleton are High Point at CMAs


Ok, I will admit...I did not watch 98% of the Country Music Awards last night...HOWEVER, I did catch this performance of Justin Timberlake & Chris Stapleton and let me say I stood up the whole song jammin like I was in church and the pastor was talking to me as I waved my prayer cloth! Justin & Chris took us back to their Tennessee roots as they both gave a powerful performance. The crowd was on their feet the whole performance as they squalled and hit those notes effortlessly. The band I must say was rocking as well! I don't know if Justin is crossing over to Country just yet but this song definitely put him at the door. Check out the video below and tell us what you think! Congrats to Chris for his Best Male Vocalist win last night!! #CuzEventsRock


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New Music Video: Adele's "Hello"

Adele is FINALLY back ladies and gentleman and we have definitely been waiting on her comeback. Adele releases her new music video for the single "Hello" from her upcoming album '25' out November 20th. With video love interest & co-star Mack Wilds, it definitely has folks paying attention. It's going to be one of those songs that just keeps you captivated like "Someone Like You". Check it out and let us know what you think! #cuzeventsrock

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"Kunta's Groove Sessions" Kendrick Lamar Announces 8 City Tour

Recently on Instagram, Kendrick Lamar posted this event poster with "8 cities. 8 nights, 8 intimate shows." and got music enthusiasts and fans going crazy. Without listing the cities just yet, folks are already hoping that he chooses their city for what might be one of the most dopest shows yet. The poster says it all...Music! Dance! Performance! & More! We are definitely waiting to see what he has in store. Will it be a Unplugged vibe? How up close and personal will it be? What cities do you think he will be coming to? Will you go? #CuzEventsRock 

UPDATE 10/23/15: Here are the locations and dates where the tour will be held: 

10/27/2015 The Tabernacle Atlanta, GA
10/29/2015 South Side Ballroom Dallas, TX
11/1/2015 Lincoln Theatre Washington, DC
11/2/2015 Webster Hall New York, NY
11/3/2015 Trocadero Theatre Philadelphia, PA
11/4/2015 House of Blues Cleveland, OH/ SOLD OUT
11/10/2015 Fox Theatre Oakland, CA
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Janet Jackson's "Unbreakable" Is HERE!!

Ladies and Gentleman, she's OFFICIALLY Back! Janet Jackson's world tour kicked off in Vancouver this summer and now her well anticipated album Unbreakable is now available everywhere and now it's your turn to cop the album and let us know what you think. Released under her independent label Rhythm Nation Records/BMG with producers Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis and Dem Jointz, Janet gave us 19 tracks to fall in love with this time with already released hits like 'No Sleep' ft J. Cole and club banger 'BURNITUP' ft Missy Elliott. She still keeps its sultry and whimsical as she usually does but she is definitely giving you some new sound and a bit of brother Michael Jackson's flavor. I am sure the Janet Jackson fans would not be disappointed with this new album and if you are a newcomer, enjoy the ride! #CuzEventsRock 


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Janet Jackson releases BURNITUP! featuring Missy Elliott

So in the midst of us waiting for the Unbreakable Album to drop October 2nd (pre-order on iTunes), Miss Janet Jackson gives us a sneak peak with the release of "BURNITUP!" featuring One of our favorites Missy Elliott. This song is definitely a club banger and we can't WAIT to check out the video (because its only like right to have a dance video for this one!). Let us know what you think!

BTW, if you have yet to see the Unbreakable World Tour, please find it in a city near you and enjoy the experience! Janet gives it to you all on the stage and more! She don't owe us NOTHING! #CuzEventsRock 

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